Grass Valley Grains owner, Reed HamiltonWhat Is It?

This is a one-man farming  operation . I grow grain crops using organic methods in a search for a regenerative system that both yields food and fights climate warming. Currently everything is grown on a fifth-generation farm in Wheatland, California where there is abundant flat land.

Who Does the Farming?

My name is Reed Hamilton, and my wife Judy and I have lived in Grass Valley for 25 years and are the parents of two adult sons who grew up here. I have been in business here for all of that time, though I returned to farming in 2007. We have a wide circle of friends here and a strong commitment to our community.

My Purpose

I began Grass Valley Grains as a way to provide a source of wholesome, locally grown grain and grain products to local consumers. I chose to grow grains because I grew up on a grain farm and because I love bread, which seems such an elemental food. I am committed to growing food in a way that builds the soil and produces nutritious crops without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I want to educate people about the properties of what they eat and the many grain crops that are available besides wheat.My mission is to find ways in which conservation agriculture can be practiced in a chemical-free system. I am building soil health, reduce greenhouse gasses, and trying to make it profitable.

What Are The Crops?

Most years I grow one or more of wheat or rye. Rye in particular is an undervalued crop that is hardy, grows in infertile and cold soil, and resists weeds.

How Can You Buy Grain?

Currently, all sales are farm direct in bulk. Call 530-210-4216 or email