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No-till Planting Results 2018

Saturday, October 27th, 2018

Things looked promising when I last posted in May. The rye crop and cover crop looked vigorous. However, late rain stimulated a field bindweed (looks like morning glory but strangles crops) explosion in the mowed cover crop where it was no longer shaded by the rye. Also, by the time the cash crop dried down enough to harvest, I could see that the rye growth was very spotty. My conclusion was that a thick growth of medusahead (an invasive non-native grass) had prevented germination of a lot of what I planted. This is where theory ran up against reality on the ground.


I was supposed to be buying a mid-60’s combine from a friend at the end of May but it didn’t end up getting it on site until July. While getting it running in the 90-100 F weather we discovered a bunch of things that needed repair. My friend did run the machine through the rye to test it but the grain yield was so poor I decided not to buy the machine or bother with the crop.


I will post more soon on developments since then. Below is a picture from the day Natural Resources Conservation Service staffers came out to do annual soil testing. We’re chatting while waiting for the timed water infiltration test is proceeding.