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Wild Weather Year

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

My last post way back in January described conditions too wet for planting from Thanksgiving onward. That never changed. I get Natural Resources Conservation Service grants for some of the cost to do no-till, cover crops, and crop rotation so I had an contractual obligation to plant a cover crop. The fields were flooded but my NRCS field supervisor said to plant anyway and regard it as an experiment. I would have need a swamp buggy to drive in the field so I sloshed around the field on foot, broadcasting seed with a hand seeder. I figured I walked 10 miles doing that.

I had to disappoint several people who were looking for cereal rye since I never got any planted. Now I’m not so regretful since this May is on track to be the wettest on record. Any rye I that grew would have been flattened by some downpours we’ve had.

The effect of an unpredictable climate is undeniable. Five years of drought, a year of torrential rain, a year with very cold dry conditions, and now this. I keep trying this restorative farming because we’re in for more and probably worse. Restoring soil health can pull carbon from the atmosphere and help slow climate chaos while making farming more resilient to these weather conditions.