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The New York Times Talks Local Grain

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

delicious fresh baguettes with a light dusting of flourWell folks, it’s official – you’re ahead of the curve. The New York Times (!) is just getting around to talking about local grain now. You’ve beat the tastemakers at NYT (now you just need to listen to some Lady GaGa and you’ll be 100% on top of pop culture).

We’re fans of the article both for it’s love of the deliciousness of bread baked with local grain, but also their coverage of the mindset behind local food:

“Fred Kirschenmann, an organic farmer and a distinguished fellow at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University, told the Kneading Conference that industrial farming must eventually change. ‘It is not possible to maintain the current system,’ he said. The main problem, as he sees it, is the cost of energy, but others include the decreasing availability of water and a less stable climate.”

They also cover some of the issues that my dad has been writing about here and on his mailing list and how farmers are overcoming these in unique ways (like turning an old jail into a gristmill!).

Grab some of your favorite bread made with local grains, dig into this great article, and rest assured that you’re part of a great trend.


Image courtesy of Let Ideas Compete